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a2 geography case studies

A-Level Geography Resources. When I was completing my A-Levels I started this blog as a record of my Geography notes. I covered both the physical and human components of the syllabus. I've been contacted by students and teachers alike who have told me that it has been a useful resource. It's for this reason that I've maintained it ever since. Start studying A2 Geography VOLCANO CASE STUDIES. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Jun 07,  · Complete a2 aqa geography case studies 1. Tectonic 2. Examples• Island Arc>>Aleutian Islands• Ocean trenches>>Marianna Trench• Fold Mountains>>The Andes (South America)• Submarine Volcanoes>>Surtsey Island (Iceland)• Continental Hotspot>>Yellow Stone NationalPark(North America)• Shield Volcanoes>>Hawaii• Sea Floor spreading>>Mid Atlantic Ridge(Eurasianplate and North .

Complete a2 aqa geography case studies

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Show More. Mayenziwe Maseko. Funk it upStudent at N, a2 geography case studies. Hail to Lord Buddha No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. AS Geography Case Studies 2. AS Geography: Human Population 3. Rural service decline What happened? Health care GP Deprivation Dormitory Post Food Librarys closure villageoffices shops Mobile Locals cannot afford Second home commuters Have to travel ones local houses — services unused Combined services - pollution 6, a2 geography case studies.

Site and service schemes — given land for Developments — Rehab — encouraged to work them to work and have an address tower blocks crime, as community to build - poorly built schools etc. Extra info: So they set limits on who could have 23 sewing needles woman They wanted to avoid children and when - infanticide a Malthusian type China could only have Chinas elderly care conundrum disaster a rising living —heavy burden standard if the Chinese government concerned population was about population growth controlled Pop.

Boom Encouraged to Aimed to stabilise Population control could Infanticide — 55 million reduce population growth cause social unrest — they couples -Longer, later, a2 geography case studies, by wanted could research life elsewhere Large pop.

High birth rates More diverse and as migrants A lot of middle aged multi-cultural society have children people due to Migrants experience migration racism and prejudice This strain a2 geography case studies the More interesting healthcare service will — experience cause an increase in different the numbers of staff Population changes cultures Social Impacts e.

Celebratingneeded to work — these will all also need to be Chinese new a2 geography case studies year Case Study: Change of population structures Send money because of migration: back to the Employment in Poland to Slough, UK loosing healthcare services country more This growth in the permanent jobs Economic Impacts As their are more population will created because people of working cause huge strain of labour shortage Takes money age they will have on health services away from the more children as when they Companies based in Help other receivingputting more strain become elderly UK may move countries country on hospitals — they will need overseas if they could Businesses get become moreespecially maternity care not get the workers cheap labour with affluent and wards flexible hours developed AS Geography: Physical Rivers Dredging — make deeper Diversion channels Generate Deforestation Reservoir channel greater volume — send away from electricity acresland slides m high, allowed pass flood risk areas from HEP for and animals Farmland 2.

AS Geography: Human Health Embassy BAT controls Lack of rain fall — Rise in price of food — Population increase reduces water supply, including animals as greater than food ruins soils, takes away their land production — migration nutrients deteriorates war or drought DroughtPeople and occurs In rainscattle go in failed search for Causewater and pastureToo many on Improved infrastructureareas which Case Study: — insure produce can getused to have Famine: to markets for selling e.

People andlivestock die Solution Effect People wont fit inNo livestock — cities and stay inno food source cams were foods scares Food aid — non Improvements in gov aid —e.

Red farming What People cross productivity — livestock is left abandon land fertilisers, seeds, Price of food and head for is worthless irrigation schemes rises city Biggest are most Hereditary diabetes Exchange canoes for cars Average male 8, attractive calories a day Different work — moved from farming Do not take advantage of to modern not health care physical Not a lot of money for rural health Social status Cause Limited medical access — transport to and Dependent on high a2 geography case studies fat imported foods from the island costly and time consuming Tonga — weight loss WHO — must be programmes annually Case Study: addressed through public between and — Obesity: health policy — promote prises given a2 geography case studies local media Pacific Islands healthy food and physical involvement activity Response Effect Diabetes — only takes 20 yrs WHO- comprehensive Need of a healthier diet to appear in populations and effective clinicalusing local food to benefit that adopt a high calorie programmes and the economy as well as and lack of exercise lifestyle education — essential in themselves tackling the problem Litres spilt, made it habitats Alaska original state.

Elevate small Transport weapons to Tundra areas. If disturbed could Affects food employed Species running dangerously low Slow rate of take a2 geography case studies to 50 years web Sail from USA and UK plant growth to return toLimited species original state. Fishing a2 geography case studies krill International whaling Whaling convention Fluctuations in Over 3 yearskilled 19th Century — energy in food Use of the Southern — chain Why is it fragile?

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AQA Case Studies Geography


a2 geography case studies


Start studying A2 Geography VOLCANO CASE STUDIES. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Feb 18,  · AQA Case Studies Geography 1. AS Geography Case Studies 2. AS Geography: Human Population 3. Fertility rate = Pop = million children per Rapid Impacts of Poorest country in growth for overpopulation western 80% live in Doubled in less woman Pop density = LEDCs hemisphere absolute than 50 years people per poverty sq/km Core Themes Population GDP = . Case study HELP» I've completed my water conflicts notes for a2 geog!!!» A2 AQA Geography -June 9th-GEOG 3» A2 OCR Geography Case Studies Thread (Global issues Unit F)» Definition of Standard of Living and Biodiversity» Geography A2 Edexcel Unit 3 HELP» A2 geography OCR help with global issues old syllabus»/5.